The Natural Step’s e-learning in sustainable development


Educate 3 or 3,000 employees in 30 minutes.


Boost your organisation’s sustainability efforts by creating a shared foundation of knowledge


involve your international colleagues and partners


Whether you’re representing a company, an organisation or a municipality, there are good reasons to speed up your journey towards sustainability. At The Natural Step we base our knowledge on a unique combination of modern research and 27 years of practical experience of working with sustainability. In order to engage everyone at your office, as well as your collaborators, we now offer you an accessible, effective and inspiring e-learning package.


For sustainability to become a natural part of everyone’s job, it is essential that we have a mutual understanding for what the concept means. The Sustainability Journey is both easy to comprehend and inspiring for our staff!


”Sustainability, ”Filippa


We have chosen to use The Natural Step’s e-learning as it is a smooth way to spread the knowledge throughout the entire group, with users at over 20 sites all over the world.



”Global, ”Beckers



This approx. 30 minutes long e-learning introduces you and your employees to sustainability in an interesting way, and gives you a thorough and scientifically based understanding for how the greatest challenge of our time also is our greatest opportunity.

The online course is intended to give you a better understanding of what sustainable and unsustainable development means, as well as why it is relevant for companies and all other parts of society. You will be provided with examples of strategies with which an organisation can redirect towards becoming ecologically and socially sustainable.

Learn more about this module (pdf)


This approx. 60 minutes long e-learning is intended for you who wish to deepen your knowledge further. Sustainable development – from vision to action builds onto the understanding for which a foundation was laid in The Sustainability Journey, while introducing a practical approach to strategic planning for a sustainable development.

When all parties involved share a mutual understanding for what sustainability means, a common language around can be established. This e-learning can help you transform problems into opportunities, as well as with planning and strategic sustainability efforts.

Learn more about this module (pdf)


A tailor-made module about your organisation’s sustainability efforts can be included in the e-learning The Sustainability Journey. Here you can for example, during 10-15 minutes, present your organisation’s vision, plan and strategy for sustainability. A customised web course is an effective way to quickly increase both the level of knowledge and the involvement with everyone within your organization. With a mutual knowledge base, the engagement for your own sustainability effort is awakened. Together you can enable your full potential for development. Contact us so that we can tell you more!




License package Number of users Euro*
Single licenses 1-19 users € 70/person
Single licenses 20-99 users € 50/person
License package 100 100 users € 4 200
License package 300 300 users € 6 800
License package 500 500 users € 8 500
License package 700 700 users € 9 800
License package 1000 1000 users € 11 200
License package 1500 1500 users € 13 200

* Please note that these prices give access to the e-learnings The Sustainability Journey and Sustainable development – from vision to action in one language.



The Sustainability Journey is available in 12 languages: English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Estonian, Polish, German, French, Dutch, Italian and Chinese (Mandarin). When purchasing more than one language version, the cost of a (one time) fee of 600 Euro and +7% per extra language is added.

If you are interested in a different number of licenses than is exemplified above, please contact us.


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